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Top 10 Aspirations (2020-2025)

The Board of Directors on December 21, 2019 approved a 6-year strategic plan that seeks to contribute to a scalable socio-economic transformation of 500,000 people in the Kisii region through the “Inspire - Empower - Account” approach in order to change the scarcity mindset that perpetuates intergenerational poverty so that poor families can thrive.
Poor people need to dream; dream big. Using their abundant God-given gifts (strategic geographical location, fertile land and water bodies, and energetic family members) with the right mindset and clear goals (aspirations); the right knowledge and skills, technologies, connections and hard work (empowerment); and a transparency and accountability systems, poor people will be able to start the journey out of hunger and extreme poverty.
By 2025, UPAMO’s overall goal is: Reduced hunger and extreme poverty in 10,000 peaceful families so that in these households: 65% are hunger free; 50% exit extreme poverty; and 65% of women and youth are empowered.
To achieve this ambition, the following will be delivered:

  1. 10,000 households have kitchen gardens.
  2. 10,000 households have pit latrines with hand washing facilities.
  3. 300,000 trees are planted and surviving.
  4. 5,000 households own profitable
  5. income generating activities.
  6. 3 functional multipurpose cooperatives are established.
  7. 500 skilled youth own profitable enterprises.
  8. 5,000 households have high financial net worth.
  9. 25% of females use any form of family planning method acceptable to them.
  10. 20 community groups accessed local government budget support.
  11. UPAMO Community Training Centre and office block is completed.
  12. 500 skilled youth own profitable enterprises.
To do so, four strategic pillars will be pursued:
  1. Pillar 1: Sustainable Agriculture for more production and consumption of diversified foods;
  2. Pillar 2: Inclusive market participation for decent employment in strategic agribusiness and vocational labor markets;
  3. Pillar 3: Voice and accountability for responsive and people-centered decentralized local governance
  4. Pillar 4: UPAMO organizational development to strengthen UPAMO’s operational capacity and financial base
  5. income generating activities.
  6. 3 functional multipurpose cooperatives are established.